Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tip #4 to Future Parents of Kindergarteners

Always be involved in your child's education. Don't just depend on the school to teach your child everything they are supposed to know. I feel so sad when I see a child not living up to their potential simply because the parent doesn't step in. Talk to the teacher. Ask him/her how you can help your child be a better student from home. See what their weaknesses are and ask when the next milestone test will be so your child will always be prepared. Cramming may work for you as an adult, but kids crack under pressure. Don't make them study for something the night before and expect them to get 100% the next day. Baby steps.  Also, If you have a schedule that permits it, VOLUNTEER IN YOUR CHILD'S CLASS! Not only will the teacher appreciate the help, but your child will love it too. If you can't physically be there, ask their teacher if there's anything you can do from home or financially if your budget allows it.

Teachers pay for most of the materials they use in class out of their own pocket. Throughout the year I ask JAM's teacher if she is running out of school supplies and usually it's dry eraser markers, crayons, and glue sticks. All of those usually come in big packs for really cheap so I usually have no problem donating those things to the class. The kids could care less what brand the school supplies are. It just needs to get the job done (Keep that in mind when going school supply shopping!). Also, the kids have a lot of events that they celebrate throughout the year that you can easily help with from home. JAM had a Watermelon picnic and they needed volunteers to come and cut up the watermelon, but my school schedule didn't allow it. As an alternative, I just bought some watermelon the night before, cut it up at home, and sent it with him when I took him to school in the morning. There are endless ways you can be involved. All you have to do is ask!
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Well I hope everything works out for you parents out there who are about to start this new chapter in your child's life. Deep breaths and know that everything will work out. Stay in complete communication with your child's teacher AND your child, and get involved as much as you can. Everything they learn in school must be reinforced at home no matter how busy you are. Take it all in and enjoy every minute of it because you only get one chance to go through this with your son or daughter. Our baby boy is growing up before our eyes! Excited to see what 1st grade brings! Check out my other tips to future parents of kindergarteners: Tip #1Tip #2, and Tip #3.

First Day of School
Last Day of School

If you have any questions and concerns about the experience just comment below! I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you're a veteran momma and have any advice for us rookies, I've love to hear your thought as well!