Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last Minute Father's Day Gift

I usually never post 2 posts in one day, but with father's day coming up tomorrow, I just had to share this great last minute gift idea! I realized that Mahal was spending a good amount of money on razors. His job requires him to maintain a clean cut look so he's tried every disposable razor possible and I even bought him an electric razor last father's day. His skin is fairly sensitive so most razors usually make him break out in acne after he shaves. I stumbled upon the Dollar Shave Club and it's the greatest thing. It's convenient, EXTREMELY affordable, and they supply great razors! Basically you have 3 razor packages to choose from: $1, $6 or $9 package. The more expensive the package the better quality the razor because it offers more blades and other things on the razor. You sign up and set up a bank account or card to charge the payment to each month. The $6 and $9 package includes shipping, but the $1 doesn't so with S&H it's actually $3 (still not bad). Each package includes a handle and you get 5 razors a month for the price. It's that simple!

If you want, start off the same way I did. I signed up Mahal with the $1 razor package to see if he liked the razors and gradually moved him up since he loved the razors so much. Yes, you can move up or down from one package to another with no fees. The same thing goes with cancelling your membership as well. NO FEES! Monthly shipments will ship on either the 7th day of each month, the 17th day of each month, or the 27th day of each month, or on the nearest business day to those dates, should those dates fall on a United States national holiday or weekend. So if you want your razors closer to the beginning of the month, sign up closer to the 7th.

So if you need a last minute father's day gift, and if your hubby is a little on the hairier side like Mahal (I love ya babe haha), I suggest you check out Dollar Shave Club !!