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About Me

Since I entered a relationship at 17, became a mom at 18, and transitioned into adulthood all at the same time, I've been on this whirlwind and it hasn't stopped yet. If you've checked out Chitown and All Around it can be for many reasons: you saw one of my yummy food creations and wanted the recipe, you needed kid tips and/or advice, you wanted to check out one of my easy to do DIY projects, or you're just the average 26 year old in college like me and was enticed by my crazy, hectic, stressful, loving, caring, joyful life (hehe).

First and foremost, WELCOME! My name is Ashley and I'm originally from Chicago, IL. People think the name of my blog, "Chitown and All Around", is misleading since many of the things I blog about are based on stuff in Las Vegas. Like I said in my post "Taking It Day By Day", we're both from Chicago, IL but my boyfriend and I have traveled to many different areas of the U.S. since his job in construction required it (hence the name Chitown and All Around). However, we decided that once our son, JAM, turned 5 years old, we would settle down somewhere so he could start elementary school. So, we settled down in Las Vegas, NV, but I doubt this is our last destination hehe. Currently, my boyfriend, Mahal, works for a local tire company while I pursue my degree in business (almost done! *fingers crossed*).
Mahal helped built these windmills!
Since I started the adulthood chapter a little earlier in life than my peers, I ended up becoming the go-to girl to ask about relationships, babies, etc. I started to notice certain topics that were consistent on being asked and decided to start my own blog to talk about it all instead of becoming a broken record. I figured, if these people keep asking the same questions and are curious about the same topics, clearly this isn't an "it's only happening to me" kind of situation. So I decided to share the wisdom that I obtain as I go through the paces. By no means am I an expert, but if I give a little insight and it helps one person out there from making the same mistakes as me or if it makes life a little easier, I'd LOVE to be that go-to person.

If you're not sure if this is the blog for you, take a sneak peek at some of my favorite posts on the right hand side. If you decide you like it and want to get updates on when I publish a new post, there are so many options to stay connected! You can "Like" my page on facebook, follow me on twitter, add my on Google+, follow me on Instagram or click that little link on my sidebar and subscribe to my blog via email (or you can just click here to subscribe too). In the same sidebar you can find other ways to stay connected to me like how to follow me on Pinterest, personally e-mail me, or you can just simply comment on any of my posts. I absolutely love to read your comments and appreciate any feedback or thoughts you have on what I post. All I ask is that you provide CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and are polite to others who comment. If you're a Las Vegan like me I suggest you like or follow me on social media because I like sharing events and deals going on around town on there so "Like", "Follow" here, "Follow" here and/or "Add" me to receive the updates!

A Little More About Me....

I met my boyfriend, Mahal, when I was a senior in high school. I was introduced to him through a mutual friend, and we are now going on 9 years of being together. He's my best friend and the best dad I could have ever wished for to our son. I gave birth to JAM a little before our one year anniversary and we've been living in this chaotic bliss since. Like I said before, we're all originally for Chicago and we miss it every day, but we've set up an awesome establishment here in Las Vegas that I'm very proud of. However, there is NO place like home.

Although I'm a mom and a full-time student, one of the biggest issues I struggle with as an adult is being able to cook! I had a grandfather who would could 4-5 different things for breakfast, lunch and dinner so I never felt the need to learn how to cook. Mahal cooks like a pro but since he's the one bringing home the bacon there's not much wiggle room for him to cook too. So I find recipes, get suggestions from family and friends, or whip together random items and hope it turns out yummy. One of my favorite things to post are recipes that I've tried. It's like my badge of honor that I didn't burn the house down haha.

My other "badge of honor" would definitely be JAM. He is my world and I LOVE to share the experiences I share with him every day. What mom doesn't like to brag about their kid?! He the most handsome, most caring, and smartest boy I know with a little stubbornness that he gets from both of his parents. Did I mention Mahal, JAM, and I are all Leos?? Yea, if you're into horoscopes you understand why that can be a problem haha.

Aside from blogging, in my spare time I like to watch TV, surf the web, and read.  I have a fascination for medicine so it's no surprise that I love watching Grey's Anatomy. I also like watching most episodes on the TLC network as well as daytime talk shows (Ellen's awesome!). As much as I hate to admit, I easily get hooked on reality TV shows. It's like a train wreck that I can't stop staring at! Since I am from the Windy City I love their sports team, but if you're wondering, GO WHITE SOX!! I'm not the most artistic and creative person, but I enjoy trying new projects and I'm OBSESSED with baking. Even though I complain sometimes that I'm always busy, I'm that type of person where my to-do list must stay full. Once I finish one project, I unconsciously fill it with another. That's probably another reason why I started blogging too haha.

Well I hope you enjoy my blog! Feel free to share it with anyone you feel would be interested in checking out Chitown and All Around. Again, check out the sidebar on my homepage! Let's be friends! With Mahal, JAM, and I working as a team, I feel that we can overcome anything, so sit back, relax, and enjoy reading about this crazy ride called LIFE! Can't wait to hear from ya!

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