Sunday, April 10, 2016

Meet Taz AKA Bono

When we moved into the condo, we made the hard decision to rehome our dog, Canon. She was a ball of energy and it wasn't fair to her to always be cooped up in our apartment. We found her the most amazing family who had a beautiful home with a yard. JAM was distraught but we made the agreement that we'd find him another great dog to grow up with when we eventually bought a house one day. You know kids never forget ANYTHING. Guess what we did today...

Meet Taz!

We've always adopted our animals, but usually through private parties. The Animal Foundation's Best in Show fundraiser had TONS of amazing pets. Mahal and I low key talked about possibly adopting one of the dogs if we saw one we loved, but we weren't going to tell JAM to avoid the heartbreak. We all love animals so visiting Best in Show wasn't uncommon for us. Once the show was over, all the animals were up for adoption in an auction style format. The dogs were "flying off the shelves" and there Taz was, sitting there all silent amongst all the chaos. His initial name was actually Bono, but we felt that Taz suited him well. He seems to be settling in nice and JAM is ecstatic. Taz doesn't seem like the snuggling type (yet) but we can change that :p.

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