Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Our New House

What an amazing whirlwind of events! If you've been following this chaotic bliss, which I call life, you know that sometimes Mahal and I can be so random. Our lease at the condo was ending and I received a text message from Mindy Dominick. I contacted her when I was initially trying to find a private rental to have Lil Sis move with us, but that was about 2 years ago. Mindy and I never got the chance to work together due to my crazy schedule and I ended up finding the University Ave. condo on my own simply by mistake. Fast forward a couple of years to the text message. I completely believe in God's timing. I was sitting in my living room with the lease renewal on my coffee table. Mahal and I briefly talked about house hunting like we always do before we renew at the end of every January. Again, with everything that life was throwing at us, buying a house just wasn't in the cards. I signed the lease renewal, but I kept putting off mailing it in to my property manager.

Long story short, Mindy told me about this amazing Home is Possible program where we wouldn't need to place a down payment on a house if we qualified. The criteria wasn't that bad and we actually qualified! Mind you, I'm on the brink of renewing our condo lease and if we start house hunting now, we literally have exactly 30 days to find a house and close. I talked it over with Mahal and we agreed that if we find a house, cool. If not, we'd mail in the renewal to our property manager.

I can't even begin to tell you how many houses we looked at, how many offers we put in, and how much panic we started to feel as the days started winding down. At the end of the day it was all worth it because on March 19th, 2016, we received the keys to our first house! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to Mindy for being such an amazing realtor. I was emailing and texting day and night with my 10,000 questions and possible listings. She was there every step of the way to help us find the right house. She never pushed. Even if she suggested something she made sure I was the one making final decisions and not her. She even linked me with an AMAZING lender who broke down the financial aspect of it, which is what gave me to most anxiety. Jill Thacker with CMG Financial spoke in a language that I could understand. She made sure I completely understood every little piece of the financial process without making me feel silly.

So there we have it ladies and gents! We're officially homeowners! Now, to control my inner HGTV madness to not gut the whole beautiful, move-in ready home until after we finally save for this wedding of ours.

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