Thursday, June 6, 2013

Blogging Event: Johnny Rockets Las Vegas

What a fun way to kick off my 1 year blogiversary with an actual blogging event! I've been getting my feet wet with attending movie screenings as "Press" in the past, but I actually got the courage and opportunity to attend my 1st blogging event! I was invited to join Johnny Rockets in celebrating their 27th Anniversary at their Flamingo Hotel location. Many veteran bloggers and Johnny Rockets staff (Rocketeers) welcomed me with open arms and I had a blast.

Johnny Rockets is located in the Flamingo Hotel's food court and you could immediately find it because it's the only restaurant there with the diner feel. I was greeted with so many friendly faces and yummy food and drinks. As I checked in to the event, there was a lady there creating art out of ketchup! How cool is that?!

The restaurant is known for their all-American favorites like their juicy 1/3-pound hamburgers, crispy American fries, classic sandwiches, and rich, delicious hand-dipped shakes and malts. They had servers walking around with samples of each, and every thing I sampled was a little piece of heaven. There was a Rocketeer dressed in a cute shake costume handing out shake and samples. She was definitely the tray to look out for all night. Surprisingly I liked the chocolate shake more than the strawberry! You all know I'll eat almost anything if it involves strawberries, and I'll choose strawberries over any other flavor any day but the chocolate shake was so rich and creamy. Regardless, both were super yummy. I did see a cookies & cream shake floating around but every time she got back to me they'd be gone. I'd take that as another yummy shake to add to the list ha ha.

After quick blogger mingling and food sampling, the President and CEO of Johnny Rockets, John Fuller, and President of the International Division, Steve Devine introduced themselves and told us a little about the company. Aside from the Las Vegas Strip, I see Johnny Rockets at our local mall and JAM always wants to eat there because the dancing employees that always grasp his attention. BUT, Did you know that Johnny Rockets is an international company and they're even found on cruise ships?! How cool is that? Mr. Fuller said that a Johnny Rockets can be found in 30 states, 20 countries, and 11 Royal Caribbean cruise ships. We also got to meet the owner of this local Johnny Rockets franchise and he explained that in addition to the 2 mall and 3 casino locations they already have in Las Vegas, they plan to open up even more in the near future.

I also got the opportunity to step into their kitchen and get a 20-minute Grillology lesson. P.S. Thank God their burgers aren't flame-broiled because the half a can of hairspray holding up my sock bun wouldn't have been too happy hehe. Anyways, they had two managers show us how to properly grill their burger and achieve their perfectly toasted bun to pair it with. All of their burgers are made fresh to eat. You can order a burger with ground beef, ground turkey, chicken breast or even Boca Burger. They season it with their secret seasoning that contains 38 different seasons and spices. The key to a juicy burger is to only flip the burger ONCE (I need to tell Mahal that hehe). I was super close to the cooked burger so I was low-key drooling the whole time she was describing the process because of all the wonderful aromas. The other manager then explained that their burgers are paired with a potato bun from a local bakery and taught us how to properly toast their buns. All of this explaining of burgers made me want to go find the Rocketeer walking around with the tray and have another sample.

We topped off the event with a fun dance session. That is JAM's favorite thing about the restaurant so that was something I was looking forward to all night so that I could show JAM the cool new moves mommy learned. I personally ended up not dancing since they had enough participants, but it was fun to watch my blogger friends do a little disco and chicken dancing. Johnny Rockets sealed the night with letting us cut into that creative hamburger and fries cake they had displayed throughout the night. It was a pleasure celebrating 27 years with Johnny Rocket at the Flamingo Hotel, and I can't wait to take Mahal and JAM there so they can try all the yummy things I keep raving about!

Who said Bloggers don't know how to have fun?

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What's your favorite thing to eat and/or drink at Johnny Rockets?


  1. Thank you for the post! It was awesome meeting you - let us know when you have the chance to visit us again!

    1. Thank you so much for having me! Can't wait to head back with the family! You definitely earned a lifetime of loyal customers right here ;p


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