Monday, May 6, 2013

Baby Shower : It's a Boy!

Within the past 9 months I've celebrated or have given gifts for 8 babies, but this was the first baby shower I actually helped coordinate. My cousin and her girlfriend was finally expecting a little boy! I teamed up with her sister to throw the cutest baby shower ever. She knew she didn't want to throw her little sister a typical "it's a boy" baby shower because that wasn't her sister's personality. We also knew our budget so that meant a lot of DIY was going to happen. I'm so proud of how everything turned out and the baby shower was a total hit!

My cousin make this HUGE but cute diaper wreath and added her sister's baby's ultrasound picture hanging in a cute little frame in the center of the wreath. We had to tie each diaper individually so lucky we were able to tag team that portion of the project together (which still took forever ha ha).

Like I said before, I'm known for bringing cake pops to every family get together, but this time I make them with a little flair. This was my first time dying the cake batter and I think the final product turned out so cute! I used mini cupcake liners for the bonnet and tied matching ribbon to hold it in place.

Our cousin motto is that "there's always room for dessert" so to tie into that we took baby items and made them looks like yummy sweets! We bought some toddler bowls and spoons then made "sundaes" with a receiving blanket, onesie, and red sock to look like a cherry on top. Then we took more toddler spoons from the pack and used them for sticks to our lollipop bouquet that was made from burp clothes and onesies. Lastly, we made "cupcakes" by using receiving blankets and a red sock. We then wrapped the final product with a coffee filter and ribbon and placed it in a bakery box to top off the cupcake look.

In my family, a Las Vegas party isn't complete without a cake from Freed's Bakery! Like I said, my cousin and her girlfriend aren't the cliche baby shower type so with a little brainstorming with her sister and the Freed's consultant, we came up with this beautiful creation. Freed's executed the baby quilt look perfectly and the whimsical balls at the top left corner added that extra modern flair we were looking for.

The focus of our decorations was our crave table. If you couldn't tell by now, the color scheme was turquoise and gray because that's the baby's room colors. We created a gray backdrop with a gray table cloth and filled the crave table with both parents' favorite foods! My cousin loves Raising Cane's Sweet Tea and Julian Apple Pie from Julian, CA while her girlfriend has been craving a specific type of orange juice and a variety of fruits her whole pregnancy.

Throughout the rest of the house we carried out the color scheme with these tissue paper poms we made and a complementing "baby boy" sign to our crave table sign over the presents downstairs. The poms were super easy to make! The kiddos helped out and it added to the cuteness to the party.

Our food menu consisted of both soon-to-be parents favorite foods. Everyone loved the modern flair to the baby shower without being too kitschy. Congratulations to my cousin and her girlfriend on finally becoming parents! You guys are great with our kids and I know that SJ couldn't have asked for better mommies in his life! Welcome to parenthood!

What are some items that you would have on your crave table?