Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Double Standard

This will be a short post today or else I'll keep talking forever and ever hehe. Although we only have a son, Mahal and I always go back and forth on certain situations when it comes to our imaginary daughter. Yes, yes, people laugh at us because we have tiffs about a kid that is nonexistent haha. Mahal and I like to discuss future scenarios that our kids may come across and how we would handle it so we remain on the same page if it ever comes up. However, we tend to bump heads when it comes to "our little girl". He always talks about high-fiving JAM when it comes to girls in school while mentioning prison bars if it was our daughter. Long story short, he likes to mention how he's excited for JAM to have all these opportunities as he gets older, and sometimes I don't agree on his parenting methods. I always tell him if the rolls were switched and we had a daughter that he'd be upset if I handled it the same way. He agrees. Of course the main topic is usually about dating and going out. He thinks it's funny to teach JAM how to woo the girls at school while when he comes home talking about a girl I'm like "Who is this girl?!". In return, I always say that I can't wait to have a daughter so he knows how it feels and he gets mad hehe.

What do you guys think? I agree that sometimes you can't always compare the two genders, but I feel that to some degree there should be an even playing field when in comes to my kids regardless of gender. If JAM is a 17 year old teen and wants to go out with his friends until 10pm then I think our daughter should be allowed to do the same. It's only fair right? She shouldn't get punished just because she's a girl. I guess I'll never know for sure until I have a daughter of my own, but for now I don't like the idea of sheltering my child just because she's a girl.

If you have both a boy and a girl, how do you handle this double standard? Even if you don't have both, what are your thoughts on it all?