Wednesday, August 29, 2012

To Infinity and Beyond!

August is filled with MANY birthdays in our family, and the first day of school is no exception. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A SPECIAL LITTLE MAMA!! Every year she likes to have a theme for her birthday party, and one theme that was fun for the whole family was her Toy Story 3 party. She requested that everyone dress up like a character from the movie, and my cousin and her family definitely didn't disappoint!

I didn't get a chance to put together a costume, but I came with desserts in hand. I made cake pops in the shape of Hamm's head. I got the tags you see on the cake pop sticks here. My cousin's girlfriend is pretty darn creative as well when it comes to baking! She created the awesome Toy Story inspired cupcakes: an etch-a-sketch, Jessie's hat, toy soldier, little alien, and Hamm. A little icing, candy, and marshmallows go a long way!
A kid's party isn't complete without party games! My cousin got pretty creative I think. The first game that the kids played was similar to a scene from the movie where the toys were navigating around town from under a cardboard box. For this game the kids were divided into 2  teams and each of them had to take a turn to go through the zig-zag obstacle course of orange cones and back. The first team to have all their teammates complete the course first won! This game was definitely a little funny to watch, and the kids had a ball.

The next game mimicked how the toy soldiers are always climbing up the walls to do missions. We took an old check book box and placed a toy soldier on the right and left end of the box, and there was also a piece of string on each side of the box as well. The object of the game was to work in a team of 2 people and pull the toy soldiers up the banister first using the string without the toy solider falling off. If the toy soldier fell off you have to reset and start over. Easier said than done! Each kid had to hold a string and you had to evenly pull up the string or else the box tilted and the toy soldiers fell. To make it fair, 1 big kid was paired up with 1 little kid. It was definitely a creative game, and the bigger kids enjoyed this game a little more than the little kids due to the technicality of it all.

We finished off the party with some cake and presents, then swam for the rest of the night. All in all a simple yet super fun themed party! Can't wait to see what theme Little Mama requests next year!