Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School

School is in full swing here in Las Vegas! So much has been going on to prepare for this day, which is why I need all my calendars! JAM is starting first grade and he rode the bus to school for the first time ever today. I think my anxiety was at its highest (haha), but once I saw him sitting on the bus and saw how calm he was it put my worries at ease. I've been sitting here contemplating whether or not I'm ok with the idea of bus riding. Growing up I was always excited to get my chance to ride the yellow school bus. However, the west coast feels a little different than the Midwest and I'm out of my comfort zone since JAM is going to school in a city that I don't know too much about. You think all of this would be a piece of cake after going through it all in Kindergarten, but riding the bus was a whole other ball game for me. The more I sit here, the more I think about it and I start to compare it all to last year. Aside from having the piece of mind that JAM got to school safely and into his class, driving him to school had other benefits. I was offered more volunteer opportunities (which i love), I got to witness awesome day to day experiences like seeing my little man on the school news for completing classroom tasks, and I formed an excellent bond with his teacher. I feel like when I'm sitting back at home I'm missing all of that. All those opportunities. *sigh* we'll see. It's only the first day hehe.
Here goes nothing!

Who would have thought, something as simple as letting your child ride the yellow school bus would be such an issue haha. It also doesn't make it any better that I have a year off of school so now I have more free time to let my mind wander hehe. Anyways, not only is JAM starting 1st grade, his 3rd season of soccer starts today and his religious classes to work towards his communion start in about 2 weeks. I guess it's a good thing that I have a year off of school so I can help him adjust to his busy schedule. I figured this year could be a test run to see if he could handle it all because if he wants to continue sports, his schedule will stay like this all the way through at least sophomore year of high school.

Like I said in previous posts, I have this odd obsession for calendars. I'm soooo forgetful sometimes so I have to write everything down. I have calendars all over my house, on my phone, on the computer, etc. It's overkill to some but it keeps my little family organized and in complete communication. It coordination with My Life Organizer, I have a monthly calendar posted on my refrigerator. I bought it from Walmart for only about $5. It clings to my fridge and it's easy to maintain. Everyone in the house can see it so there's no surprises about what is going on for the month. I also have a weekly dry-erase board calendar in my room to see my week at a glance. I input all of this on my phone as well, but with alarms to remind be about today's things to do ESPECIALLY for appointments so I won't be late. All of it is color coordinated so it's easy to differentiate.

I choose a different color for every month just to switch it up a little. Any regular thing like holidays and birthdays for the month is usually written in the color of the month. Red is usually for school things, green is for soccer, blue is for JAM's church classes, and purple is for any important appointments or meetings. Man! my calendar full already and I don't even have JAM's soccer schedule on it yet! hehe. Oh well. Here's to another awesome school year and everything that it has to offer!