Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cafe Zupas

A couple weeks ago JAM and I were invited to the Grand Opening of Cafe Zupas in Summerlin for a blogging event. Since I have family on the other side of town in Henderson, I've passed by their other location in Nevada plenty of times but never had the chance to stop by. I honestly didn't know what to expect but with the word "cafe" in their name I wasn't expecting extravagant dining. JAM and I arrived and they had the red carpet and velvet ropes laid out for us. The event was in full swing when we arrived and saw a few familiar blogger faces through the window. There were Cafe Zupas greeters when we approached the door providing us with their menu and answering any questions we had about it. I was told that the Chicken Enchilada Chili and Tomato Basil are their popular soups, Nuts About Berries is a popular salad, and their BBQ Pulled Pork is a popular sandwich.

Glancing at the menu, my first impression what the food options and meal deal set up was a little similar to Panera Bread. One thing I did love was that they offered a great kid's menu. Once inside, we waited in line and you kind of move down the line in a cafeteria fashion. I was wonderfully surprised with the overall layout of the restaurant. The menus were clean-cut, modern, well-lit and big on the wall. Looking down the line, the food is visible to see behind a glass wall. Everything looked VERY fresh and definitely tempted my taste buds. The whole staff was professional, friendly, and upbeat. Approaching the counter they offered a sample of any soups that you'd like try. All the toppings for the sandwiches and salads are laid out for you to choose, and the line finishes off with a case full of scrumptious desserts. Since it was a blogging event, all the food was complimentary to us, but all of the opinions I provide are my own.

I ordered a turkey bacon avocado sandwich and a half soup of the chicken enchilada chili as part of a meal deal (choose two of any of the following: a sandwich, half soup, half salad for $7.99). JAM ordered from the kids menu and chose a grilled cheese with a side of a fruit cup for $3.99. Both of our meals had a nice touch of a complimentary chocolate-covered strawberry placed on the side of our meal. JAM absolutely loved his meal. The fruit was real fresh and his grilled cheese was to his liking. I ate the turkey bacon avocado sandwich first, and in my opinion it was OK. I'm a meat lover so I love my sandwiches packed with meat, but I guess for a panini sandwich I should of expected it to be as flat as it was. The chicken enchilada chili, however, knocked it out the park! That's was the deal breaker right there for me. This soup was AH-MAZING! I forgot to mention that even though it was a half soup, it was half a big bowl of soup, NOT just a cup of soup as I expected. I shared it with JAM and he agreed on the awesomeness of the flavor.

To finish off, JAM and I both chose a creme brûlée for dessert. Being the chocolate lover that he is, JAM chose the Chocolate Hazelnut Creme Brûlée w/ Cinnamon Almonds and the Salted Caramel Creme Brûlée was calling my name. They had other amazing desserts in their case, and I can't wait to go back and try their Sinful 7 Chocolate Cake. These creme brûlées definitely hit the spot. Mind you, I have a super sweet tooth so the salted caramel creme brûlée was right up my alley, but for people like Mahal who isn't in to super sweet desserts, I think he might of gotten a tooth ache from this sweet goodness. I, personally, died and went to heaven when eating the dessert. Cafe Zupas definitely gets an A+ in my book. It was a family-friendly environment, with great tasting menu choices at affordable prices. Check it out and thank me later!

Which menu item has you drooling from Cafe Zupas?

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