Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Reading Program 2013

One thing that JAM looks forward to every summer is signing up for the summer reading program at our local library. It's free to sign up and you can earn book bucks, which you trade in for actual books! At our local library they call it "Club Read". This program runs from June 1st - August 3rd and when you sign up, they give you an official Club Read member card and a book log that the kids fill in to keep track of what books they read for the program. For every 5 books the child reads, they earn a book buck and are able to exchange it for a book. This year our local library was really awesome by offering almost all of the books in BRAND NEW condition! In the past years it was a mixture of retired library books and new books. Regardless, the books they offer are usually fun classics or a variety of popular books to keep the kids interested.

JAM completed the summer reading program yesterday, which means he read 20 books and completed his reading log. Upon turning his reading log in, he was awarded with a shiny gold medal and 4 book bucks! You can collect your book bucks every time you complete reading 5 books, but JAM wanted to do it all at one time this year. He headed to the area where he can exchange his book bucks for books and chose some awesome books to add to his home collection.

The local librarian asked him what kind of books he was into and after some digging of his interests, she mentioned that he was ready for chapter books! EEK! My baby boy's ready for the big boy books?! *tear* She took us in the opposite section of our former beginner's book section we've been picking from and introduced JAM to early chapter books. She pointed out a few popular series and away JAM went with his picking.

With that said, introducing JAM and his first Vlog! He read his first chapter book and loved it so much that he wanted to share his thoughts. He's naturally very shy so I thought a video would help loosen him up a little and help him practice his recollection skills for 2nd grade. Show him some love on YouTube and don't forget to subscribe! He's super excited about his first video and can't wait to hear from fellow readers who've read "Captain Awesome to the Rescue!"

Do you enroll your kids in any summer reading programs?
What are some great chapter book recommendations for JAM?