Monday, October 7, 2013

Best Summer Ever {2013}: Legoland California

If I didn't win the mom of the year award by taking JAM to Disneyland this summer, I definitely put the cherry on top by treating him to Legoland California too! I have never been to Legoland either so I was actually really excited to go as well. Having a little boy, it takes little to no brain cells to know that this is definitely a place to take your little man. I honestly didn't know what to expect when arriving at Legoland, but JAM made it clear that the number one thing on his to-do list today was to get his "driver's license". So, we packed up our huge brood of a family and away all 14 of us went!

A little tip for any of you heading to Legoland, they didn't check our backpacks so we were able to bring in little snacks for the kids to give them a little energy boost throughout the day. It especially helped for my baby cousin to keep her occupied while we waited in line for all the rides. The park wasn't as packed as I expected it to be and the weather was perfect. All the kids were full of energy so we picked out JAM's first EVER roller coaster and headed to wait in line. I'm definitely one who loves roller coasters so I was so excited that JAM was as ecstatic as I was to try out his first roller coaster. Project X was the winner of this awesome "first" and JAM has an absolute blast. We ended up riding it twice that day.

For the littles who weren't quite ready to ride a roller coaster, the family decided to ride the Legoland boat tour. That ride was actually pretty neat. There were so many fun sculptures and figures laid out throughout the tour which were fully made out of legos. It was pretty amazing to see the details of it all. That's one thing I actually appreciated about Legoland, 90% of their rides were accessible to the little ones. Like I said in my Disneyland post, there were 8 kids under the age of 10 in our crew. All of the kids were able to ride most of the rides together and the youngest cousin was four years old (aside from the baby of course).

Legoland has a water park section, but we decided to just explore the amusement park portion. That's ok though because there's a section of the park where it was a whole water section! That was more than enough "water park" action for all the kids. We spent a majority of our time in this area of the park since it was summertime. It was even more fun that the water rides had some variation of being able to shoot other riders with water or shoot the bystanders. We all absolutely loved getting drenched each and every time.

We rode a few more rides and stopped to take some photos of the awesome lego displays throughout the park. We decided to grab lunch at a restaurant that served pizza and pasta since it seemed like the perfect menu for the kids.

Then we were off to check off the number one thing on JAM's to-do list for the day, getting his "driver's license". That area is so cute because they have two tracks, one for the littles and one for the older kids, which I thought was so great. This was just another example of how I explained the park definitely catered to the kids and families of all ages. JAM had a blast driving through the course and learning how to obey the rules of the rode driving through the lego town. After he completed the course he took his picture for his driver's license and it was $5 to purchase the license if you wanted to take it home. Another successful first for JAM and an amazing way to end our Cali trip with the family. All of us had a blast, including the adults and we can't wait to visit again.

What's your favorite part about Legoland?