Saturday, March 16, 2013

Flowers Are Bloomin'

Yesterday I attended JAM's last parent/teacher conference of 1st grade. Although it made me a little sad inside that my little boy is about to complete another year of elementary school, it was great to hear his teacher rave about him and hear how awesome he's doing in school. I'm so proud when other people tell me how bright, well-mannered, and great JAM is because it just reassures me that I'm doing something right ha ha. Hey, this parenting thing isn't always the easiest! Also, I was surprised that I attended the conference in SHORTS! Yes, I know that most of you think that it's always 120 degrees in Las Vegas, but that's not the case. Honestly, if the temperature could remain about 77 degrees year round I'd live here forever. I changed my clocks one hour forward this past Sunday so I knew Springtime was on it's way, plus it's my favorite season of the year. The weather's perfect, the flowers start blooming, and the lovely Springtime colors make their appearance. However, this upcoming week it telling me Vegas just skipped Spring and is heading face-first into Summer!

I know I should be grateful for our lovely sunny weather but honestly, we live in a oven of a city. Most of the year it's 100+ degrees and the sun is seeping through my skin so I'd appreciate it if mother nature would just let me enjoy the Springtime weather at least until April! I checked the weather and the daily high yesterday was 90 degrees! How did we go from 50 and raining to 90 degrees?! *Sigh* that's Vegas for ya. So, I busted out my shorts and headed to the parent/teacher conference. I also heard on the radio that pool season has officially started yesterday at the Strip pools, which I didn't think would happen last week since it was gloomy and raining for days. I guess that's a good sign for my Lil' Sis who's visiting for Spring Break in a few weeks. I know she can't wait to leave the snow in Chicago for sunny Las Vegas, but I'm nowhere close to bathing suit ready ha ha.

Well, at least I get to enjoy fresh flowers to kick of the Spring season. Tulips are my favorite and I love that they come in such fun colors. Springtime is probably the only time of year that I have fresh flowers sitting on my dining table for a little pop of color to brighten my day. Cheers to Springtime! or what little I get to enjoy of this season. Anyone plan on coming to Las Vegas for Spring break?

What's your favorite season?