Monday, October 22, 2012

The Rumors Are True: It's a Boy!

What I post isn't meant to scare or maybe even comfort pregnant women. However, it's how I felt at that moment and what I really went through. Child birth is definitely no walk in the park. It's called LABOR for a reason. No sugar coating here. You may hit some road bumps along the way and may even think you can't do it but YOU CAN!! I've personally never met a woman who has died from the pains of labor. As cliche as it sounds, you honestly forget all the craziness you just went through once your little one arrives. Everyone's story is different but this is just mine.

About 3 weeks is what I spent at Northwestern Hospital from the time I got admitted to the time I got discharged. Once they moved me up to the post partum floor, it was nothing but a waiting game. All I did was stay in my bed all day and only got up to go to the bathroom and to do my weekly ultrasounds on another floor to make sure the steroid shots I took were kicking in. I wasn't even allowed to take a shower standing up. I had to use one of those bath stools and Mahal had to help me bathe. On the plus side, I had a view of Lake Michigan to tease me of all the summer fun people were having on their boats and the staff at Northwestern was great. The food surprisingly wasn't bad either. I actually got pretty comfy there hehe. Family would visit every day, which I loved. I even ended up spending my birthday in the hospital! We made all my hospital neighbors jealous with all the Filipino food and cake my family brought in to help me celebrate haha.

I felt so bad for Mahal though during those 3 weeks. He worked the graveyard shift so he had to get some sleep during the day, but it was was hard since people are visiting and nurses are coming in to check me every 4 hours. It didn't make it any better that he's 6'2 and he had to sleep on my room couch which wasn't that big so he looked like a pretzel sleeping on that thing. For whatever reason, they didn't tell us until after JAM was born that they had cots available.

Anyways, in addition to the ultrasounds, I also had to get an amniocentesis to verify everything was good to go. I actually did it twice during my hospital stay. I was a little nervous since this BIG needle is going into my stomach, but actually it wasn't that bad. I didn't even necessarily feel the needle, but you can feel a good amount of pressure. I was more nervous for JAM. Like if he were to move and kick the needle (which he almost did during the first test). All tests were showing progress and things were looking positive for us. August 1st was the best day ever. They came in 1st thing in the morning to tell me that we made it to 35 weeks and JAM is looking great! So, they will be inducing me at 7:30pm that night! Mahal and I were so elated! Funny thing though, out of all the things I could have been nervous about for the delivery, I was most concerned about not pooping on my baby during delivery haha. My nurse said that usually happens if you eat something prior to delivery so once I found out I was getting induced I didn't eat! I had some ice chips and go figure my mom respected my wishes by bringing Ricobene's for the rest of the family. She said a meatball sandwich would be waiting for me when I delivered. I wanted to slap Mahal for eating that yummy food in my L&D room. Grr! haha. 7:30pm came around and it was time! I got all prepped and there was no turning back!
Our last photo together before JAM was born.
They broke my water and they said it'll feel like I peed on myself. I wouldn't necessarily put it that way. I would describe it as a waterfall or the hoover dam gates opening haha. It was a gush of fluid and then I felt like a leaky faucet for the rest of the time so I asked for a towel to stick between my legs because it felt so odd just letting it leak like that. So now we wait some more. They gave me the pitocin and I started to feel the contractions. I told them that I wanted to try my best to go without an epidural so once the contractions started to hit back to back they gave me a little medicine in my IV to take off the edge. Family would peek in from time to time to see my progress, and some of the women in my family would tease me a little about what I'm about to go through. I kind of wish that the nurse would have told me that the great medicine they put in my IV was only allowed to be administered twice because I would have held off on the second dose. I'm sure that medicine would have gotten me through the delivery. So, since that was no longer an option, I let all the family comments get in my head and it freaked me out so I opted for an epidural.

Like I said everyone's experience is different, but I think if I ever have more kids I might think twice before getting an epidural again. It caught me off guard that Mahal had to leave the room when I got it done. He's been there through every step of the way and I felt sort of vulnerable without him by my side. They had me sit on the edge of my bed and hunch over a pillow while my nurse placed her hands on my shoulders. I guess she wasn't holding me, but once they inserted the numbing shot I popped up as a reflex! The anesthesiologist chewed my head off as he should, but I never got a shot in my back before and it was a reflex! Anyways, once that was all done it was game time. Mahal and I agreed it was just going to be me and him in the room for delivery. Although certain family members wanted to be present, my nurse was awesome at handling all of that for me. I was told by my aunt that I know that I will know when it's time to push because I'll feel like I have to take a poop. She wasn't kidding! I just remember laying there tripping out on how awesome the epidural was working when BAM! I have to poop. I told the nurse and she told me to stay put that the baby probably just dropped into my pelvis. I was convinced I just had to go #2, but she reassured me that wasn't the case. I told her well then you better call the doctor because I think JAM is gonna fall out! She giggled and said everything is fine. We went back and forth with this for a few minutes until she said ok, try to push and see if that helps.

I totally remember Mahal's facial expression when he found out he has to do more than hold my hand. The nurse told me to push my legs back and she told Mahal, "I'm going to grab one leg for support and Mahal you grab her other one". He did one big gulp and said that he can see EVERYTHING and thought he'd just stay on the head end of things. The nurse explained that it's good to hold my legs since pushing can get tiring and I need to focus on pushing rather than propping up my legs. He obliged with wide eyes. I told him he better not pass out or throw up what he just ate. That's what he gets for rubbing his food in my face haha. I was surprised to find out that it wasn't MY doctor that will be delivering my baby. No one ever told me that. It was the doctor that was on call for that time in the hospital. Luckily it was the same doctor from when I was initially admitted into the hospital who I clicked with real well, but for future reference I know to find an OB who will be there during delivery. I asked a few questions and the doctor said that first time moms delivery time varies. It can be as quick as a couple hours or as long as 12+ hours. Lord Jesus please not 12 hours! My other aunt told me that the way she pushed was like a sit up and it was very productive for her. I initially listened to the doctor who told me to push like I was having a bowel movement. I did and she told me to PUSH! I thought I was?! So I tried my aunt's technique and it worked great! I tightened my muscles and crunched up as if I was doing a sit up. I was doing so good that it got to the point where the doctor said that I needed to slow down haha.

9 pushes is all it took (Thank God!). However, by the 3rd push I remember telling the doctor that I was exhausted! Kudos to the mamas out there that went through the 12+ hours of pushing. I finished pushing before a family member finished their cigarette outside haha. Once they got to the shoulder part, it basically felt like he plopped out and you feel another gush of fluid as well. JAM's cord was wrapped around his neck so they undid it. Mahal didn't get a chance to cut the cord since they had to hurry and get him on his little heat bed and get him checked out. So, you know how when you picture giving birth and it's the beautiful thing and the mom and dad kisses and cries and blah blah blah? Yea, not us! Silly me for thinking my life was a movie. They whisked JAM away and I turned to Mahal thinking he's gonna kiss me or tell me great job but no. He's staring across the room at JAM looking like a little kid who has to potty asking me if I'm good so he can go to JAM. Sheesh! pop out a kid and no one caters to the mama anymore. Can I get a kiss at least?! He did and ran over while I lay there spread eagle waiting for the doctor to come back so I can deliver the placenta. By the way the placenta totally looks like an alien thing haha.

JAM was born on August 2nd, 2006 @ 1:34am. 5 lbs. 4 oz. and 18 inches long. It was so surreal when they handed him to me! I've babysat kids all my life, but I just stared at him like this one's mine. Family came back in to see him and take pictures. He was a tiny little thing, but strong enough to stay in the regular nursery. The whole after the delivery part was sort of a blur to me. I was on a high and then randomly knocked out and then woke up again on and off until it was time to move me back to the post partum floor. *sigh* I'm a mom! Crazy.

How was your labor and delivery experience? Did you opt for the epidural?