Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Reading

I remember when I was a kid my mom always signed my little sister and I up for the summer reading program at our local library. This was always one of the highlights of our summer because we knew if we read books, we could earn prizes! I always signed my son up for the summer reading program, but now he's old enough to read himself and understand the concept of it all. This summer I'm having JAM participate in two summer reading programs: one at our local library and one that Barnes & Noble is hosting.

I definitely made sure that JAM was a part of the whole process. I let him give the ladies his library card to sign up for the reading program, I let him sign his name to sign up, and I let him choose the books he wanted to read to earn his prizes. I also printed off a simple calendar off my computer and wrote it the due dates for his library books to teach him a little responsibility with them. Since the local library program started on June 1st, it was easy to follow along to find out when 10 days had passed to earn his prizes.

Our local library offers a great summer reading program. There's one from 0-5 years old, one for K-5, and one for grades 6 and up. The summer reading program runs from Friday, June 1 - Tuesday, July 31, 2012. When you sign up, they gift you a chart to keep track of your daily reading. They suggest that you read for at least 20 minutes a day (adjusting the time depending if they are a new or younger reader). For every ten days of reading that you complete, you will earn a Book Buck that you can redeem for one book! They have a designated area of books where the kids can choose from. Read at least 30 days total and earn a gold medal and an entry into the Grand Prize drawing of a $50 gift card from Barnes & Noble. It's so simple! JAM is already halfway towards earning his next book buck. The fun this for the older kids too is that they offer books for the whole Harry Potter and Twilight collection as an option to choose from. I would have loved that when I was younger.

The Barnes & Noble summer reading program is short and sweet. All your child has to do is read any 8 books and record them on a reading log you can print off of their website. Then, bring in their log of the 8 books they read and choose a FREE BOOK from the selection of books listed on the reading log. This program runs a little longer than our local library. Unlike the local library program, this started on May 22 and runs through September 4th, 2012. Another difference is the selection of free books range from Grades 1 - 6 so that's something to keep in mind. JAM will be a 1st grader this fall so he'll be able to choose a book.

Regardless, both programs are great for the kiddos. Both summer reading programs is only one per customer/participant. It's a great bonding experience for JAM and I, and it's a great way to stimulate his mind while he's on break from school. What kind of summer reading programs do they offer on your side of town?