Friday, June 29, 2012

Flying With A Little One: Best Time of Day to Fly

With many families on summer break, a popular question I keep hearing is "How do you fly with a little one?". Parents always wonder, What time a day is great to fly with a kid? What are you allowed to bring on the plane for the baby? What do you bring on the plane to keep your child calm? DEEP BREATHS! With all the traveling I've done with JAM, I feel like I've earned my wings and I'm here to help ease your anxiety.
You know your child more than anyone. As far as what time of day to travel, that all depends on your little one (if your schedule allows you to make that type of accomodation). On departure flights, I always took the first flight out, which was usually 6am, since I knew JAM didn't like to wake up until 10am. Also because I was always excited to head to our destination so I wanted to get my day started bright and early. He'd be a little upset being moved around from his carseat to his stroller and through security but since he was so sleepy he'd always end up knocking out on the flight. On arrival flights I usually booked a red eye flight. Once I come back home from a vacation, all I want to do is go to sleep. All the excitement of traveling wears off and I don't want to deal with anything once I get home. Red eye flights are more chill at the airport and my little guy sleeps through the night. Whoever picks me up handles my bags and it's home sweet home for the both of us. I did notice that when JAM was a baby he would instantly knock out with no problem. Once he hit the toddler age, he was a little more active and wanted to wander and peek over the seats. That was when I started planning my flight times accordingly. If I arrived there early enough, I'd let him walk around the area to release any last minute energy stored away. I also preferred these flights because they usually weren't full flights so JAM and I would have a row to ourselves. Always expect the unexpected when it comes to flying with a child. That way you're prepared for anything and if all that stuff doesn't happened it'll be a plus for you! Regardless, keep an open mind, don't stress, and just go with the flow. Before you know it, you'll arrive at your destination feeling like a pro flying with kids.